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  • Translation and interpreting services
  • Official document translation
  • French administration assistance
  • Setting up Mobile / Telephone / TV Box and Internet contracts
  • Childcare and School registration
  • Healthcare and associated Insurance
  • Pets (making vet appointments, transportation of your pet, finding and booking kennels)
  • Appointments
  • Assistance over the phone – Available 24 hours*
  • Relocation assistance
  • Concierge services
  • Babysitting

Monthly Packages

Tailored to suit families and individuals.

3hr & 6hr bundles

Prepaid hours perfect for specific tasks when you want.

flexible hourly rates

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Client Reviews

  • "Super efficient and fast service, available anytime of the day and night, have saved us hundreds of thousands of euros in expenses and always goes above and beyond for us in practically every situation! We can't recommend them enough! From late night electrical outages, tax advice, relocation and landlord disputes, to school inscriptions while we were in Australia visiting family. These guys are truly amazing! We're a family of 6 and they've made life for us in France, that much easier! Thank you guys so much, we appreciate all that you do."

    Devina & Sione Piukala
    Devina & Sione Piukala
  • "How to put into words how much Sela Solutions has helped us with our transition to France? From the moment we signed on to the monthly plan, we have had nothing but mind-easing, stress-relieving help. Relocating to a non-English speaking country with a small baby and no support network could have been very hard, but with the help of Sela Solutions we've never felt alone. From booking doctor appointments for our baby to finding us somewhere to live and taking care of every minor detail involved in that, to setting up phones, postal services, internet, banking - the list goes on! Not to mention having someone to call in a crisis and in desperate need of translation - such as being stuck at a boom gate when the machine has eaten your ATM card or needing an emergency ambulance and help at the hospital when your friend gives birth on the kitchen floor!! We'd have been lost without them and we're eternally grateful for the help. Thank you Sela Solutions you are such a wonderful team."

    Sam & Jill Moa
    Sam & Jill Moa
  • We just want to give SELA SOLUTION a huge thank you for helping us with our big move from Bordeaux to Perpignan. We needed to find a house in a month time and with our first appointment we had with SELA SOLUTIONS that same day they organised appointments to go look at houses. They were a big help to us and sorted all our paperwork for the house, insurance, schools, creche and even gave us nice tips where to go shop and places near us and things to do. I will recommend them to each and everyone. They really did an amazing job and they are still helping us with small problems that we can’t sort out.  The people working at SELA SOLUTIONS are really kind and there is never a time that they can’t help you they always help. Big thank you to SELA SOLUTIONS

    Botha Family
    Botha Family
  • I wish I found Sela Solutions a lot sooner would have saved me money and time! After purchasing prepaid hours they have helped me with everything from boat and car licenses, selling furniture to mobile phone plans. Their services are invaluable!

    Paul Aiton
    Paul Aiton